100 Things I Like About Me!

Today is my birthday!


My 39th birthday.


How happy I feel to be alive!


My gift to myself is love and appreciation.


I made this list of 100 things to show it.


There was a time in my life when I couldn’t think of 10.


Today, I had to stop short at 100:)


This is not because I am more amazing than I used to be.


It’s not because I have accomplished a lot.


It is because I have put in the work on my mind.


I have made the deliberate decision to choose to feel love.


This is the thing I’m most proud of…


It ALWAYS begins with my thoughts!


1-I love my eyelashes.
2-I love my stretch marks.
3-I am a fabulous cookie maker.
4-I can braid hair like a champ.
5-I am hilarious.
6-I can type pretty fast.
7-I always smell good.
8-I have a lovely singing voice.
9-I love my family HARD.
10-I give good gifts.
11-I can accessorize anything.
12-I can read music.
13-I can create a beautiful centerpiece.
14-I love God.
15-I shop in outfits.
16-I love learning new things.
17-I always have my nails painted.
18-I have great hair.
19-I am a good driver.
20-I love historical romance novels.
21-I played the lead in my 4th grade production of HMS Pinafore.
22-I enjoy board games.
23-I am an introvert.
24-I have been in the same book club for over 15 years.
25-I always have a delicious smelling air freshener in my car.
26-My mom and I can talk for hours…and hours.
27-I am mom to 3 children here, and one in heaven.
28-I am always working to improve myself.
29-I am a fast reader.
30-I can carry on a conversation with anyone.
31-I love fall leaves.
32-I love spring flowers.
33-I love summer thunderstorms.
34-I love a white Christmas.
35-I listen to only Christmas music from Thanksgiving to New Years.
36-I kissed a lot of boys in high school…and I loved it.
37-When I kissed my husband for the first time, it felt like home:)
38-I am an excellent teacher.
39-I love to get dressed up.
40-I am perfectly happy in sweats with no makeup.
41-I love to travel to new places.
42-I love the smell of rain.
43-I believe we are all doing our best.
44-I workout regularly.
45-I am organized. Mostly.
46-I was the singer in a band.
47-My husband is my best friend.
48-I could lay by the pool and read for days. Possibly weeks.
49-Ice cold water is my favorite beverage.
50-I am skilled at arranging pillows.
51-I have a decorative pillow obsession.
52-I love animals.
53-I don’t love dog hair.
54-My dad is one of my heroes. So is my stepmom. They’re adorably inseparable.
55-I choose to love whenever I can.
56-I have seen You’ve Got Mail more times than I can count.
57-I learn song lyrics quickly and easily.
58-I love a challenge.
59-I love to volunteer at school so much I was PTA President.
60-I still identify as blonde…even though my roots tell a different story.
61-I love alone time.
62-Watching my girls dance makes me cry.
63-I love Broadway musicals.
64-I LOVE hats and own…well ALOT of them.
65-I am not addicted to my phone.
66-I take full responsibility for my feelings.
67-Sometimes I dance when I’m alone in my kitchen:)
68-I like to blast music and sing at the top of my lungs when I’m in my car…alone:)
69-I still go to dinner with my girlfriends from Jr. High.
70-I lost 50 pounds.
71-I love (most) music.
72-I love listening to my sons inventions, ideas, and dreams.
73-Going to dinner and a movie is my favorite date.
74-I love the color green.
75-I feel peace in the mountains.
76-I have the power in me to create the life I want.
77-I like order.
78-I admire highly-educated, confident women who are experts in their field.
79-I always wanted to be a ballerina.
80-I love sand between my toes and the sound of the ocean.
81-I love a good, inspiring quote.
82-I took 4 years of ASL.
83-I graduated from college.
84-I love shoes. But not heels, mostly sneakers, booties, and wedges. I love me a good wedge.
85-The only job I ever had before coaching was preschool teacher.
86-I am a big sister and little sister to 3 amazing humans.
87-I love to question everything.
88-I believe love is love.
89-I have never filled out a resume because I only ever worked for my parents.
90-I am a Certified Life and Weight Coach.
91-I eat salad nearly everyday.
92-I am imperfect and amazing.
93-I am not afraid to face my fears:)
94-I’m ok with people being wrong about me.
95-I appreciate differences.
96-I work to make a meaningful contribution to the world.
97-I always strive to look for ways to be helpful.
98-I am confident in who I am.
99-I believe I can always get better.
100-I love me unconditionally.


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