There Is a Battle Raging…and Your Brain is Winning.

You may think this is good news.


If someone is going to be winning,


Shouldn’t it be your brain?


In the case of sugar,




Your brain keeps telling you


Eat. More. Sugar.


Your body is trying to tell you to stop.


But your brain keeps getting louder and louder


And your body is losing its voice trying to be heard over the noise.


This is because our bodies did not evolve to consume table sugar.


Our brains didn’t evolve to manage the artificial surge of dopamine that comes with sugar consumption.


The result is:


Desensitization which leads to


Resistance which leads to


Dependence which equals




Your brain gets addicted to the “high” sugar produces…


It demands more and more to satisfy it…


And your body becomes sugar-adapted to compensate.


Your body no longer goes to its fat stores for fuel.


It just burns up the glucose,


Stores the excess,


and asks for more.


There is a way to break this cycle of dependence.


It involves withdrawal.


Withdrawal is painful.


This makes it difficult to endure,


Especially when you know that relief is just a donut away…


But though it is painful,


It is not impossible.


Especially when you take the time to observe and manage your mind through the process.


That’s when it turns from a chore


To a gift.


On the other side of withdrawal is freedom…


It all begins with a thought!

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