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A Rush of Adrenaline…

It was a wet, rainy day today in my neck of the woods.


As I drove on the freeway,


A car passing by in the lane next to me went through a puddle of standing water.


It sent a wave of water over my windshield with force


It made a loud crashing sound and temporarily obstructed my windshield.


Almost instantaneously,


I felt a shot of adrenaline.


From my stomach, through my limbs and all the way up to my head.


My heart started racing,


I had panic butterflies,  


And an expletive may or may not have escaped my lips:)


As quickly as the wave of water had come,


It dissipated.  


My windshield wipers picked up the pace and took care of it.


My brain registered that we were out of danger,


And the wave of adrenaline dissipated as well.


It all happened in a matter of seconds.


I was amazed.


Amazed at my body’s built-in warning system.


It is always on the lookout for danger,


Always ready to protect me from it


In a split second.


This is how we have survived as a species.


Our brains instinct to protect us is powerful and complex.


Ironically, it is that same survival instinct that is driving us to eat at the expense of our health.


The reward center of our brain drives us to take actions that encourage our survival


Like eat.


When we eat, we are rewarded with a mist of dopamine


which signals to our brain that eating is important and we should repeat it.  


When we eat concentrated foods like sugar and flour,


That reward is also concentrated and our brain takes that to mean


that eating those things is EXTRA important


and we should do it again immediately and frequently.


Eating those things may taste good,


And may even make you feel a little lift,


because of the amount of dopamine released.


But those foods are in fact wreaking havoc on your body.


They are the root cause of many of the health problems we have seen skyrocket over the past few decades.


We are literally eating ourselves sick.


Our bodies do their best to take care of us:


They signal hunger, sleep, and fight or flight.


We can do our part to take of our bodies


by fueling them with the kind of food they need.




We have to use our brains for that:)


It all begins with a thought!


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