Ep #114: A Sea Change - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

Ep #114: A Sea Change

Weight Loss Success with Natalie Brown | A Sea Change

When we’re working towards weight loss and we see the desired number on the scale, that doesn’t automatically make us feel satisfied and in love with our bodies. I’ve experienced the same thing in my business. I’ve transformed my practice over the past few years and seen a real sea change, taking incremental steps. But for some time, a lot of the success just washed over me when I only took the end result into account.

When we’re working towards something over a period of time, it’s difficult and it takes a lot of effort. As time passes, it becomes easier and more effortless. However, when you have an objective outsider to show you the progress you’ve made, you’re able to enjoy the process so much more.

Tune in this week to discover how to make your weight loss more than simply a sea change. I’m sharing the importance of witnessing your own transformation every step of the way, seeing the ripples and waves you’re creating, and how to inspire yourself on your journey to anything you’re trying to achieve.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why your weight loss journey is about much more than just the end result.
  • The compounding effect of having a mirror held up for you on your weight loss journey.
  • How to inspire yourself and enrich your weight loss journey and every step along the way.


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Full Episode Transcript:

This is Weight Loss Success, with Natalie Brown, episode 114.

Welcome to Weight Loss Success with Natalie Brown. If you’re a successful woman who is ready to stop struggling with your weight, you’re in the right place. You’ll learn everything you need to know to lose weight for the last time in bitesize pieces. Here’s your host, certified life and weight coach Natalie Brown.

Hello, everybody. This past week I attended The Life Coach School’s annual mastermind. It’s a yearly conference for all of the certified and master certified coaches to get together and learn from each other, connect, celebrate accomplishments and wins. Due to the pandemic, we haven’t been able to get together since 2019. And so, it was a huge treat and it was so nourishing to my soul to be able to be in the room with so many people who I love, who inspire me and who I’ve missed so much over the last couple of years.

One of the accomplishments we celebrate together at mastermind is coaches reaching certain revenue milestones in their businesses in the span of 12 months. So 100K, one million and this year there were even a couple of coaches who reached the 10 million mark in their businesses which just blows my mind. It was such a powerful and inspiring celebration.

And I got to walk across the stage and accept my 100K award for the third year in a row. I was bursting with pride and gratitude for all that it meant to me and for what a different experience this was this year compared to the previous two years. The first time I earned and received the award in 2019 I felt numb. I had spent a year in a business mentorship program wholly focused on the outcome of making 100K. And using the fuel of pressure, and obligation, and panic, it was so damn hard.

And I took zero ownership of the accomplishment. I felt zero celebration. And I couldn’t connect to any positive emotion around it because I was expecting the achievement of the goal to create positive feelings for me. And achievements can’t do that job, only our brains can do the job of attributing meaning to the achievement. This is why when we lose weight with the sole focus of a number on the scale or a certain size body at the end of it, we can get there to that number or our ideal body and we will still feel hate, or disgust, or disappointment.

We aren’t automatically in love with ourselves and our bodies just because the right number is on the scale. The process we choose that includes work on our relationship with ourselves, the fuel we use during the process, and the meaning we attribute to the accomplishment of the goal, that’s what creates the feelings we want. That lesson hit home on that day in 2019 standing on that stage. So, the next year I spent working on me, taking a deep dive into myself, connecting to who I was and what I wanted to say, and be, and do in the world.

I completed master coach training that year. My podcast was born that year. And I created multiple six figures of revenue in my business again. But this was in 2020 so there was no celebration, there was no walking across the stage. There was no celebrating with my friends and peers. Instead, I opened my award at home by myself in my office. And I gave myself the gift of feeling celebrated, and proud, and loved. It was quiet and powerful.

This year was a culmination of so much deep and hard work. Any accomplishment, including weight loss is a culmination of working really hard to make changes day in and day out. As I stood on the stage this year I thought about the day-to-day grind, the day-to-day monotony, putting in the work of baby steps and tiny things that don’t feel like they’re making an impact at the time, mistakes, and setbacks, and doubts. Putting in the work, the hours, the minutes, the little things that aren’t monumental changes but they add up, and they build, and they become what you are trying to create.

As we’re working toward our health and weight goals, working to change the relationships with ourselves we don’t see the scale go down every day or even sometimes every week. We don’t notice our feelings and thoughts about ourselves and food, change overnight, or even over an hour, or a week. Sometimes we don’t feel that change until all of a sudden we feel it. That’s kind of what it feels like I’m experiencing, a sea change. I have been putting in the work, the daily grind of the work every single day to believe in myself and to celebrate my success, and to own it, and to be proud of it.

And it now feels like a total transformation, only what I hadn’t seen coming incrementally, it just washed over me after a year of working so, so hard to create it. I told the story of me learning how to ride my motorcycle last year. I learned and it was so hard and I felt like I wasn’t really improving much in the first day. And then I slept on it and all those new neural pathways I had created, did the work of connecting as I slept. And I woke up and it felt easier the next day.

That coming together, that solidification, that can happen over a longer span of time but the effect is the same. It’s hard and effortful, and then at some point you realize it’s easier and more effortless. I have worked really, really hard on me this year. And I am finding and seeing the fruits of my labor in my life, and in the way that I show up, and in the way that I’m seeing myself. And I’m really, really proud of that and I own it. I’m not giving any of it away to anyone else.

However, I think part of what aided my transformation has been having someone outside of me help me look into my mind. Hiring a coach, an objective outsider to help me see things I was maybe too close to see myself. I think that that has been a huge piece of the puzzle for me. I mean I have to go inside for my inside answers always but it has been so helpful for me to work with people that are objective and are outside of me. That has been a tool that has helped facilitate all of my successes over the years.

Part of transformation for me has been having a laboratory or a workshop in which I can work through my thoughts, and feelings, and ideas. And that requires me to be open and vulnerable which still feels scary sometimes. Because ultimately sitting in a room, in a virtual room with my coach is also me sitting in a room with myself and being willing to really see my own mind. When it only lives in my head it’s really easy for me to compartmentalize it, and put it away, and rationalize it, and not look at it, and ignore it. Sometimes all of those things at the same time.

When I have to sit in a room with my coach and open up my mind to her, and to what’s going on in there it allows me to see myself in a different way. So, it’s not just being seen by her, her mind seeing my mind. It’s me seeing my mind too. And I think it’s beautiful to have someone to reflect ideas off of and to get curious with, and to help point me in the direction of myself. This is why I think coaching in this process of weight loss can be so powerful.

Having someone outside of you, holding up the mirror so you can see you in a different way, that changes things for my clients. And in addition, doing weight loss in a group setting with help versus on our own has a compounding effect. My clients are able to see themselves reflected in the other women they’re on the journey with. Their compassion expands as they share their experiences and they honor each other’s experiences as well.

Most of the time we try to do this work on our own. We feel often really isolated but it does work and it does help even on your own, absolutely. That’s why I put out this podcast. It’s a resource, a free resource that everybody can access. And then if you apply, meaning that you do what you hear and you try things, and you work at it, you can change things for you, and you can facilitate getting to your goals.

But I also think that enriching that experience, accelerating it, that happens when we open up ourselves to ourselves and we let ourselves be vulnerable, and especially in a safe place with women who are also going through what we go through. I see that happening with my clients where their growth and their learning is accelerated and magnified as they watch each other do the same and as they share their struggles and their wins. It moves me every week as I watch my clients do the brave hard work of showing up for themselves. I am so honored and I am so inspired by them.

One thing I want to be very clear about is that even though I have mentioned here the accomplishment of my money goals. The money is actually not the goal when I set out to achieve it. What is much more compelling and meaningful is that I think about what each dollar represents and that is what inspires me and moves me forward in the day-to-day grind that is often what we call entrepreneurship. I think about a money goal but I also think about a people goal.

Every penny of that goal represents the women who are impacted by the work I’m doing in the world, the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the years and all of the amazing work they have engaged in to change their minds, and their bodies, and their relationships with themselves. The hundreds of students I have taught to coach, and the amazing work they are all doing in the world to help people too. The hundreds of thousands of downloads of this podcast and all of the amazing work you all are doing in your lives.

And the immeasurable ripple effect of all of that. My clients who are influential women in their spheres, and the example they are to other people in their lives, it’s part of that ripple. My students who are making their own waves in their own ways, the podcast and all of you that are listening and making changes in your lives and impacting your worlds. Every single one of us and our willingness to do the hard and uncomfortable work of change, it makes ripples and waves we can’t even measure.

It gives me chills just thinking about it. The work you’re doing on yourself for yourself, it matters. It’s often slow and it’s emotionally rigorous but it is so important. Keep going. Keep working. Keep showing up. I feel your efforts, and your pain, and your pride too. Make sure you take a look around and you celebrate you, will you?

One other little fun challenge for you as well. All of the success and this magnificent sea change I have created in my life. It all started with one podcast episode. I had a friend recommend Jody Moore’s podcast, Better Than Happy. And in fact, it was the very first podcast episode I had ever listened to back in 2016 before I knew anything about podcasts. And that one episode led to all of this. I worked with Jody. I found The Life Coach School, I certified and the rest is history. And it started with that episode.

So, one little episode, one recommendation, it can change the trajectory of someone’s life. So, I want to challenge you to share a favorite episode of this podcast with someone today. Send them a text with a link or even just a title and let them know how it’s helped you. If you want to participate further in a little challenge I posed to my Instagram peeps, head there @itbeginswithathoughtcoaching and share a podcast post with someone there. Share it in your story, share it however.

I am going to pick a shared post, obviously one that you’ve tagged me in so I know you’ve shared it. I’m going to pick it at random and I’m going to give that person one of my very favorite necklaces, that is both beautiful and has a powerful meaning. It will be their own brand new necklace, not my actual favorite off of my neck, just to be clear. That sounded like I was going to be taking one of my personal necklaces and sending it away. No, it will be brand new all for you and twinning with me.

And last but not least, if you feel like you are ready to experience the transformation of my group weight loss program, or even if you are intrigued, maybe you don’t feel ready but you just want to know more, you want to test the waters a bit, head to itbeginswithathought.com/apply. Fill out your application, hop on a call with me. I’m filling my May group right now and I’d love for you to be a part of it. I’ll see you soon.

Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of Weight Loss Success with Natalie Brown. If you want to learn more about how to lose weight for the last time, come on over to itbeginswithathought.com. We’ll see you here next week.

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