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A Strong Enough WHY

My coach recently shared one of her biggest mistakes over the past year. 

And I was a part of it:)

Last year she offered a mentorship program to her certified coaches giving us an opportunity to work closely with her and learn how to make 100K revenue in our businesses. 

10 of us were accepted, but only 4 of us finished. And as she reflected on this result, she recognized the factor that determined success:

Having a strong enough WHY. 

A WHY that is so powerful, it pushes you past the discomfort, past the fear of failure, past the desire to quit, and on to the goal. 

And so I thought about my WHY over the last year. The WHY that made me one of the 4 that reached the goal and didn’t quit. 

And it was this: I want to prove to myself that I am capable of even more. 

When my brain offered me the closed-door thought “I can’t.”

I chose to crack the door open and respond with “Wait, can I?”

When my brain offered, “I’m not going to make it”

I responded with “Why not me?”

I made a decision to say yes to my life, yes to me, yes to looking for my limits, and then stepping beyond them into possibility. 

When my brain thought the darkness of quitting sounded like relief, I asked “Is this it then? This is all I am capable of?” 

And the tiny flame of belief inside me, the feeling of determination to prove to myself that I am capable of even more, pierced the darkness and it was just enough light to keep me going, pushing onward toward the outer limit of my current capability…and beyond. 

This is the same concept we employ when we are training our physical bodies to run farther or lift more. We hear the complaints of our muscles and lungs to quit, and instead of stopping, we push past the perceived limit and increase our capacity in the process. 

We have to go a little faster, a little farther, a little heavier, to grow. 

In order to lose weight, and KEEP GOING all the way to your goal and into your new life in your new body, you have to have a strong enough WHY.

A WHY that will get you past the urge to eat cupcakes when they are not on your plan, 

A WHY that allows you to feel desire to overeat, and not answer it. 

A WHY that follows you wherever you go, on vacation, through the weekends, past birthdays and holidays, all the way to your goal. 

Who do you want to be?

What do you want to learn and accomplish?

Where do you want to go? 

What is your WHY? 

Find it. Hold onto it. 

And you will be unstoppable. 


It all begins with a thought. 


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