About Natalie Brown

I used to believe that food was the solution to everything.

Feeling sad? Eat.

Feeling happy? Eat.

Too much to do? Eat.

Someone’s birthday, a vacation, getting through Tuesday? Eat.

But that focus on food and eating didn’t solve anything.

In fact, it created a deep disconnection with my body, a brain that was full of shame, and a toxic relationship with myself.

I tried ALL of the food-centered solutions in an effort to change.

I counted points.

I drank a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch.

I ate only green things.

Nothing worked long-term.

None of those solutions changed what really needed changing.

I thought I was broken.

I thought real change was impossible.

I thought success, contentment, and relief was for someone else.

Then I learned the truth.

It wasn’t just about what I was eating.

It was about why.

I was able to do what I never imagined was possible for me…change my relationship with food and myself.

I learned to let go of my shame.

I changed my body with love instead of loathing.

I found peace around food and comfort in my skin.

I reconnected to myself and my needs and learned to allow compassion and care to guide my choices.

I want to show you how to do the same thing.

If it’s possible for me,

It’s possible for you.

I’m not more capable or special than you…

I just have a REAL, LOVE-POWERED solution that works.