I used to believe

That food

Was the solution


Feeling sad?  Eat.


Feeling happy?  Eat.


Too much to do?  Eat.


Someone’s birthday,  baptism,  Family Home Evening,  getting through Tuesday?    




But all that eating didn’t solve anything.


In fact, it created a body that was 50 pounds overweight, a brain that was full of shame, and a life that felt overwhelming.


I tried EVERYTHING to change.


I counted points.


I drank a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch.


I ate only green things.


Nothing worked.


I thought I was broken.


I thought real change was impossible.


I thought success, contentment, and relief was for someone else.


Then I learned the truth.


I learned that my overeating was driven by my overhunger and overdesire for food.


It wasn’t just about what I was eating.


It was about WHY.


I was able to do what I never imagined was possible for me…change my DESIRE for food.


I lost 50 pounds.


I learned to let go of my shame.


I created a life that is amazing in every way.


I want to show you how to do the same thing.


If it’s possible for me,


It’s possible for you.


I’m not more blessed or special than you…


I just have the REAL solution that works.

You’re not broken.


  • Choosing her as a life coach will be one of the best self-care things you can do! She will help you find the tools you need to find help and happiness in the body you're in and to move forward and taking the best care your body. I truly appreciate her sound advice in this crazy world of fad dieting and constant dissatisfaction and comparing and heartbreak. Wherever you're at today is a great starting point to getting healthy in mind and body."  

    Jenni F.
    Jenni F.
  • The best part of this program was having another coach help me understand my belief systems around food.  I discovered so much about myself and my thoughts and that discovery has already put me in a more empowered and peaceful place.  

    Kristin M.
    Kristin M.
  •      The best part of the program is working one on one. Being able to work through my exact issues and having it tailored to my needs was a huge game changer for me.      Even though the principles are the same for everyone, it is not a one size fits all program which I needed.     I lost 35 pounds through this program. I hear you in the back of my mind saying "you got this!" Thank you for helping me see my potential when I struggled to see it by myself. Just having someone who believed in me means so much.

    Janeal B.
    Janeal B.
  • I loved that I could come to Natalie with whatever I was struggling with that week and she could help me see it in a different light and tie it all in to the work we were doing that day. She helped my brain see things it couldn’t before, like weight loss can be fun and exciting, and slip ups don’t have to bring shame and guilt. Things I didn’t think were possible on day 1 were totally possible just a couple of weeks in. I lost weight and gained so much insight. Natalie is so relatable and easy to talk to. She helped me with a variety of struggles and concerns, and I always ended our sessions feeling so much better than when I started. Most of all, I think coaching from Natalie took me from feelings of hopelessness to hopeful and excited about the future. If you are considering coaching with Natalie, do it! It could change your life!  

    Hannah W.
    Hannah W.
  • Make the investment in yourself and coach with someone who has been there, who can help you with the real root of the weight issues and help you learn to love yourself. Natalie is easy to talk to. When I would bring a topic up, she would listen and then give some insight. I loved that she would write down notes from previous weeks and bring it up in later calls.

    Carrie M.
    Carrie M.
  • I loved how this program really examined the mindset and behaviors driving my choices rather than just focusing on food and weight loss. I loved how Natalie was totally sympathetic to the struggles I was having yet pushed me to find solutions and change my thinking. It was a great balance of compassion and not letting me make excuses and/or stay complacent. Natalie is great! She is encouraging, positive, helpful, genuine, and down-to-earth. Her advice and insight was such a wonderful tool in guiding me on my weight loss journey and helping me examine my habits as a whole. You couldn't ask for a better ally in making a change in your life

    Dasha C.
    Dasha C.
  • I feel like I finally found something that really works! I’ve tried countless diets and get thin quick schemes but this has really changed my life forever. I lost weight and it’s stayed off and I’m going to keep going till I reach my goal. Once that happens I feel totally confident I now have the tools to maintain it. Natalie answered all my questions and provided constant thoughtful positivity and encouragement. If you’re considering coaching with Natalie, do it! You won’t regret it.

    Penny W.
    Penny W.

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