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As Long As We’re Using Our Imaginations…

We humans have a tendency to worry.

We worry about the future.

We worry about what others think of us.

We worry about our health…

Our children…

Our finances…

The Ozone Layer…

Sometimes we even take worry so far as to imagine the “worst case scenario” of a given situation.


“What if…

-I don’t get that job.

-They think I’m a terrible mom.

-I gain all the weight back.

-while my husband is this road trip, he gets in a car accident and he can’t work and he loses his job and the bank takes our house and we can’t afford to rent an apartment and we end up living in our car under a bridge and eating grasshoppers and my children get sick from malnutrition and then social services takes them away from us and they end up living with a wealthy family who takes them on private trips to Disneyland and they never want to see us again and I die of a broken heart!!!



Here’s the thing about “worst case scenarios”…
They exist ONLY in our imaginations.

We can spend our time going down the road of “What if’s”…




We can focus on what is within our control.

Which is always OUR THOUGHTS.


Worry always pretends to be necessary.


We think if we “prepare” ourselves by imagining the worst possible outcome,


It won’t be so bad if it happens.


Yeah right.


As if imagining something terrible happening…
Will make it so you don’t suffer if something terrible happens??




It just means you suffer twice.


Now as you imagine it,


And then again when it happens.


And in reality, the things we imagine don’t ever actually come to pass…


And on the flip side, typically the things that happen we never would have imagined.


Here’s a tool I love to use whenever my brain starts running down the road of “What if’s” …


I think:


As long as I’m using my imagination, I might as well imagine something good.


“What if…


-while my husband is on this road trip, he pulls into a gas station and walks in the door and they throw confetti on him and tell him he’s the 1 millionth customer and he has won 1 million dollars and the video of him winning goes viral and he gets offered a job as the spokesperson for that gas station chain and they pay him 100 million dollars and we get to fly around the world with our family doing humanitarian service and adventuring and our travel blog becomes the most popular in the world and…”


See what I mean?


I could imagine we become homeless, or I could imagine we become millionaire travel bloggers.


The point is…




So as long as you’re using your imagination, imagine something good.


And stop worrying:)


It all begins with a thought.


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