Deep Thoughts in the IKEA checkout line - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

Deep Thoughts in the IKEA checkout line

On occasion, I find myself in the rather long checkout lines at IKEA.

It gives me plenty of time to ponder…

I’m usually there to get a few random items (those I need, and those I only needed once I saw them:)

But, inevitably, there always seems to be one or two young, happy, hopeful couples there outfitting their new home with new things.

They are buying a new bed frame and bedding.

Or maybe dishes, towels, and a dish drainer.

Or maybe some art for their walls and throw pillows for their couch.

Just everyday items, with no special magic.

But the couples are glowing with happiness.

They are filled with thoughts about how they will spend Saturday mornings snuggling in the new bed before they are off to a day of fun together.

They imagine having conversations about their future while they stand, side-by-side, washing and drying dishes together.

They imagine quiet Friday nights binge-watching Netflix on the couch, and loud, joyful Friday nights as they entertain friends on the couch.

They think these thoughts and they feel happy, and hopeful, and excited about their new things and all of the possibilities.

It’s not the things that create those feelings.

It’s their thoughts about those things.

If they thought about how they might spend the night crying in that bed after finding out that a close friend had passed away…

Or how they might fight about who’s turn it is to do those dishes…

They would likely feel very different feelings.

It’s our thoughts that create our feelings, not things.

You can feel happy, and hopeful at IKEA buying new things for a new life, or driving down the road in your current life.

It all begins with a thought!

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