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Have you ever noticed that…

Sometimes people don’t do what they say they’re going to.


The weather doesn’t always cooperate with our plans.


The things that we eat to celebrate with are not fuel foods.


Our children don’t always do what we ask the first time we ask it.


We don’t always succeed when we try something new.


Sometimes we don’t feel gratitude even for the smallest things, like clean drinking water.


No matter how many times you do the dishes, or the laundry, or pull weeds…there are always more dirty dishes and loads of laundry and weeds to pull.


The things you are sure will make you happy like money, or a thin body, or chocolate, don’t actually make you feel happy.


Most of your hard work goes unpraised and unnoticed.


Your body gets older, even if you try to deny your age.


Really bad things happen to really good people.


There is no easy way to grow and evolve.


Losing weight and keeping it off takes work.


Just when you think you’ve got things under control, something happens that changes it all.


If you have noticed or experienced any of these things, I have some news for you…


Nothing has gone wrong.


You are just a human being.


Other people, the weather, our children, our attitudes, our homes, our cars, nature…


None of it behaves exactly the way we think it should in order for us to feel good.


And it’s not supposed to.


All of the things outside of us are neutral.


They only make us feel something when we have a thought about them.


We can’t count on anything outside of us, making us feel anything.


One thing we can count on, is that everything is as it should be.


We know that, because it is.


Reality, the present moment, right now, is exactly what it’s supposed to be.


We can’t go back to the past and change it to make this moment different.


And by the time we try to change this moment, it is the past.


So we have the choice.


Resist reality,


Live in the world of “should, could, would, and wish”,


Or love what is.


Look within for how you feel.


And decide to create your future.


It all begins with a thought!

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