How a Flat Tire on the Way to the Airport Can Be Good News. - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

How a Flat Tire on the Way to the Airport Can Be Good News.



You’re on your way to the airport.


You’re running late.


When all of a sudden…


You get a flat tire.


You think-“Why now?!  Why me?!  Why this?!”


You feel frustrated, angry, and panicked.


You miss your flight, miss your connecting flight, and miss an important meeting.


What could possibly be good about this?


I’ll tell you.


This means all is as it should be.


Life is about contrast.


About balance.


If everything went smoothly,


If there were no flat tires, no missed meetings, no frustration…


Then we wouldn’t even recognize that things were going smoothly.


In order to taste the sweet, we have to experience the bitter.


In order to know joy, we must know sorrow.


Many of us try our hardest to live in the middle.


We don’t want to feel negative emotion.


So we numb ourselves with food.
We avoid.


We resist.


But, this doesn’t just numb the negative feelings,


It numbs all the feelings.


The more we are willing to feel, the more we are able to feel.


This means we feel the sting.


But it also means we feel triumph and elation.


50% of life is made up of discomfort.


50% of life is made up of beauty and goodness.


In order to have a choice, we have to have options.


The key is to choose to accept and allow the 50% that sucks…


To just suck.


So that we can spend all 50% of the good, basking in the good.


We’ll never achieve 100% happiness.


We’ll never even get to 60%.


We’re not supposed to.


And that is a beautiful thing.




Embrace the flat tires of life.


Know that it means all is right with the world.


Make your choice.


It all begins with a thought!

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