How I Stopped Being So Busy. - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

How I Stopped Being So Busy.

Have you ever noticed how often you hear or say the word “busy”?


“I’m super busy!”


“We’ve been extra busy!”


“I can’t-I’m too busy!”


It’s like we have become busyness-worshippers.


As if the level and intensity of our busyness, somehow helps determine our value as humans.


The busier you are, the more you are doing and accomplishing in your life and therefore the more amazing you must be.


But are we really doing and accomplishing more, or are we just talking about it more?


And does everyone feel like they need to make sure they are also talking about how busy they are in order to feel like they are doing and
accomplishing as much as everyone else?


Listen to this…


“Busy” doesn’t exist.


It’s simply a thought we’ve all adopted and decided to think collectively.


Here’s why this is true…


You can only actually do one thing at a time.


You may have a long to-do list, but you can only focus on and accomplish each task individually.


So the facts may be that you have to do the laundry, drive carpool, do a work project, call someone back, plan a party, and buy furnace


You may think “Oh my gosh. I’m so busy”


When you do you may feel overwhelmed.


And with that feeling driving you, you might do a little bit of each item and then move to the next, trying to get as much done at once as
Which, adds up to very little actually being completed.




You could look at your list and think “I have 6 things to do”


And you might feel calm and determined.


And then, with that calm, determined energy-you might make a plan, schedule the tasks, and get started.


Resulting in some completed and checked off items.


In both cases, there were things that needed to be done-but the thoughts created different feelings which drove different actions and created different results.


You may disagree.


You may say “No seriously. You don’t understand. I am actually super busy.”


And to that I ask,


“How is that thought helping you?”


You don’t have to worship busy.


I stopped being busy altogether.


I decided instead, to think of my list as “tasks needing completion” and come at them from the calm, determined space that thought creates.


As a result, I’ve eliminated the idea of busy, and am instead being disciplined, productive, and efficient.


I have just as much to do as the next guy, I’m just choosing to think differently about it.


You can too!!


It all begins with a thought!!

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