How To Know If You’re Ruining Your Child’s Education. - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

How To Know If You’re Ruining Your Child’s Education.

You feed your child a healthy breakfast.


You make sure your child gets to school on time.


You help them with their homework.


You attend parent-teacher conference.


You help in the classroom.


But you still may be ruining your child’s education.


The most important lessons your child will learn will not be in a classroom.


They will be in the School of Life.


Things like:


Actions have consequences.


Procrastination doesn’t accomplish goals.


Other people’s opinions are none of your business.


You create your results.


Mistakes can be our greatest teachers.


How often do we get in the way of our kids learning these lessons?


We try to save them from a failing grade in these classes.


We excuse them from these classes when they don’t want to go.


We try to do their homework for them when it’s too hard.


We think we are helping them.


We are acting out of love.


But sometimes, the most loving act…
Is allowing them to fail.


To fall.


To feel.


As parents, sometimes the best thing we can do is let them go through it.


Because there is no way around this education.


We can be there to support and love and comfort,


But they need to learn the lessons.


Otherwise, they will have to keep retaking the class.


And the older they get,


The more times they take it,


The harder it will be.


So be there for them,


But don’t try to do it for them.


They will be ok.


And so will you.


It all begins with a thought!

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