How To Stop Overeating On The Weekends

How To Stop Overeating On The Weekends

Do you use the weekends as “cheat days”? If you use food or alcohol as an escape on the weekends, click through to take a close look at what you need a break from and why.Do you ever notice the tendency to want to escape on the weekends through overeating or overdrinking? 

We’re often successful with our weight loss on weekdays, but then we backtrack once Friday hits. This “weekend thinking” is not serving you.


What is weekend thinking?

It seems to be a common misconception that the weekends don’t count. We feel like we must get it all in or eat while we have the chance because no one’s looking, or it doesn’t matter. 

To me, this is strong evidence that we are believing the thought, “I can’t eat these things on weekdays.” As a result, on the weekends, this thought shifts to “I better eat as much of it as I can now.”

It’s like a rubber band of resistance being pulled back all week long that then snaps back and has us rebound eating all weekend. 

So, I’d like to insert a reminder to all of you who are believing this, you can eat whatever you want whenever you want to.

The foods available and the consequences of consuming those foods, for better or worse, are the same no matter the day of the week. Choosing to ignore that or pretend it’s not true really costs us in the end.


Weekdays versus weekends

What are the foods that you are putting in your weekend plans that you’re choosing to think are not available to you during the week? That’s a lie. Let’s just stop believing that lie.

The weekend is not all that different from the weekdays. We still have responsibilities, relationships, stress and joy. There are some differences – many of us don’t have work and our kids don’t have school. 

But, most of the differences are not true differences. They are simply the thoughts we chose to believe about the weekend.  It all still counts. It all still matters on the weekend.

Taking care of yourself and being aligned with your highest self is still just as important on Saturday as it is on Tuesday. 

The consequences of making decisions that aren’t aligned remain the same every day of the week.


What do we REALLY need on the weekend?

Weekends are often also a time we look for rest and relief, a break from responsibility, routine and a schedule.

The question that is important to ask here though is why do we look for a break? What is it about our life during the week that feels uncomfortable and why does it feel better on the weekends?

Let’s learn to look at what it is we really need on the weekends. We want feelings of relaxation or relief.  We end up looking to food or alcohol to create that feeling, but food does not have that power. The only thing that creates a feeling is your thoughts.

What all the overeating and overdrinking really creates is a Monday morning full of shame, guilt and generally not feeling great.


Finding the “weekend feeling” during the week

What do we “need a break” from? And what feelings do we want to create instead? 

The answer is not to use food or alcohol to try to create those feelings. 

The answer is to learn how to bring some of those weekend feelings we are trying to create into your everyday.

If rest is an important part of your self care on the weekends that may be because you’re not getting enough of it on the weekdays. You’re experiencing the opposite of that rest and relief and Monday through Friday.

So what would rest look like on Monday? What would relief look like on Wednesday? We want to create a pressure valve release throughout the week, so it doesn’t feel like we need to just open the lid and let it all out on the weekend. That’s not serving us in the end.

What that is creating for us is backtracking. We are constantly losing two pounds during the week and then gaining three on the weekend. We are keeping our commitments and building trust with ourselves on the weekdays, and then throwing it away on the weekends.

Adjusting your “weekend thinking” is critical and will change your weekend eating. 


Questions to explore about weekend thinking

What are the facts of your weekend?

What’s the same about Friday through Sunday for you? What is actually different than the weekdays?

What do you believe about food and what is available to you on the weekdays versus the weekends? Why do you believe this?

Is this belief serving you? Are you willing to let it go?

What are the feelings you are looking to feel or escape on the weekends, and what are you believing the food or alcohol will create for you?

How can you pull a little of that into every day, instead of saving it up for the weekend?


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