Hypercolor Shirts and Koosh Balls - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

Hypercolor Shirts and Koosh Balls

My daughter just had a birthday.


One of the gifts she received was a ball made of a million elastic bands called a Koosh ball.


Another was a shirt that changes color in the sun.


If you grew up in the 90’s, you are familiar with these two rad items.


My husband and I reminisced about our childhoods and remembered how cool you were if you owned one or both of these things.


But neither my husband nor I could, for the life of us, remember what those color-changing shirts were called.


The question remained unanswered.


Neither of us Googled it or even thought much more about it.


Life went on.


And then, the next day as I was getting in the shower…


A flash of remembrance…




That’s what the shirts were called.


I immediately texted him and relieved his amnesic suffering.


This is a tiny, 90’s-themed example of the tremendous power of our minds…


And the importance of questions.


If we ask our brain a question, it will go to work gathering evidence and trying to solve it for us.


Or brain always wants to be using its energy efficiently.


And when we leave it unanswered questions,


Or unsolved problems…
It will find the answers,


Or the solutions.


Too much brain juice is wasted otherwise.


So we need to pay attention to the kinds of questions we are asking,


And the kinds of problems we are wanting to solve.


If we ask,  “What is wrong with me?”


Or “Why can’t I do anything right?”


Our brain will find the evidence to justify these negative beliefs.


It’s only doing its job.


If we want to be inspired and empowered,


We need to ask inspiring, empowering questions


“What kind of person do I want to be?”


“How can I make today amazing?”


So put your mind to work.


Try it!


It all begins with a thought!!

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