I Will Never Win This Argument. - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

I Will Never Win This Argument.

I have this ongoing argument…


I try over and over to prove that I’m right.


Sometimes I’m so sure I am, I want to scream.  


The facts of the argument change:


-People should never drive under the speed limit.


-Kids should have clean rooms and do their homework and brush their teeth without being asked.


-I shouldn’t be tired.


-Husbands should always finish projects.


-Politicians should be honest.


-Humans should not kill each other.


-It should never rain on vacation.


-Technology should be reliable.


-I should not get blemishes as an adult.


-People I love should not get cancer.


But reality always wins.


Things are as they should be, because they are.


When I think in “shoulds” I am resisting what is.


And with resistance comes resentment, sorrow, anger, bitterness, and frustration.


Seeing things for what they are, accepting them and allowing them, lets us relax into loving what is.


This doesn’t mean we condone or approve, it just means that we are not causing ourselves more suffering with resistance.


People drive slow, politicians lie, it rains.


Thinking they shouldn’t doesn’t change that.


I can see and love what is, and go from there.


It all begins with a thought.


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