I’m Married To a Unicorn. - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

I’m Married To a Unicorn.

My husband is rare, special, and amazing.

He is brilliant-he knows the answer to almost any question.

He is good at EVERYTHING-motorcycling, snowboarding, art, math, negotiating and on and on.

He can fix anything.
No, really-anything.

Because if he doesn’t know how-
he’ll figure it out.

He loves everyone openly.

He loves my children and me fiercely.

He can diffuse any situation.

He is always on time.

He works harder and better than anyone I know.

He plays just as hard.

He is always willing to help anyone, with anything.

He has kind eyes and strong hands.

He loves a cold Mountain Dew.

He is most at home in the mountains, sitting by a fire.

He is wise, and always learning.

He is humble and confident.

He could survive on Mexican food alone.

He is constant.

He is patient.

He is loyal.

He is definitely my better half.

I love him with all I’ve got.

I told you he was a unicorn:)

But guess what?

I could also list reason’s why it’s hard to be married to him.

I could tell you all of his faults and weaknesses.

Because we all have them.

But why would I choose to focus on that?

It would only serve to make me feel unhappy and disconnected.

So I choose to see the unicorn.

I choose love.

Because love just feels better.  

It all begins with a thought.

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