Murder Is On The Table. - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

Murder Is On The Table.

We seem to think we know what’s best.


For our spouses, politicians, humanity.


We know what was supposed to happen, and what the results will certainly be if only everyone would just do what we think they should.


If they would just live by the manual that we have written for them, life would go smoothly.


And most importantly, we would feel the way that we want to feel.


Funny thing about people…


They seem to think THEY know what’s best for them.


And they don’t like to do things, just because someone else told them they have to.


The truth is…


Adult human beings don’t HAVE to do anything.


We don’t have to care for our children.


We don’t have to eat vegetables.


We don’t have to pay our mortgage.


If we want to, we can rob banks, move to Hawaii, sleep all day, eat nothing but whipped cream…


And murder people.


We have the agency to choose how we behave and what actions we take AT ALL TIMES.


This doesn’t mean there aren’t laws and consequences of our actions,


This just means that we are always making a choice.


We all operate much of the time as though it’s not a choice.


We feel resentment and anger and bitterness about HAVING to go to work, make dinner, eat healthy, pay taxes.


If we could recognize that we always have a choice, much of the time we would choose to take the same actions, just with different
thoughts about it and therefore very different feelings.


“Have to” transforms to “get to”.


Or we may realize that we are doing things we don’t need or want to, because we feel we have to.


In that case we get to let those things go,


And make space for the things we really want in our lives.


Adults can think what they want…


Feel what they want…


And do what they want…


It all begins with a thought!

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