My Why - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

My Why

I recently spent a week in Dallas at a business intensive, learning from my brilliant mentor, 2 master coaches, and 10 of my peers.

It was an exclusive opportunity I applied and was chosen for.

It was once-in-a-lifetime.

It was amazing.

And it was HARD.

I didn’t leave the hotel/conference center for 6 days.  

I worked 13 hour stretches.

I learned how to create a website, marketing ads, and track metrics.

It was exhausting and energizing at the same time.

I was on fire and full of the hope of the future I was going to create.

And then I came home and IT GOT REAL.

I faced discomfort every moment of every day.

Nothing seemed to be working.

I was feeling stretched to my limit. 

I was discouraged, frustrated, and confused.

I found myself asking why I was choosing to put myself through this refiners’ fire that is entrepeneurship.

I could go back to focusing on my mom duties and volunteering and not being a business owner.

And then I had coaching sessions with 2 of my amazing clients.

And as I got off of the 2nd call,

I remembered my WHY. 

Why I am doing all of the uncomfortable work of business building.

Why I am getting up 2 hours early to get my workout, my thought work, my scripture study, my 8 hours of work, and my mom responsibilities in.

Why I am writing blogs that no one really reads...

and posting on social media where usually only my biggest fans (a.k.a. my friends and family) react.

Both of which are out of my comfort zone anyway:)

Why I keep going, even on days when I feel discouraged all day long. 

Why I spend time (and money) away from my family to learn and grow my business.

Why I put myself out there and make offers.

Again and again. 

Its all because


I believe in the power of this work that I am doing in the world.

I love teaching women that their value is not determined by their pant size. 

I love helping women to see clearly the results they are creating, recognize that it’s their choice, and show them how to use the power of their minds to create the life (and body) they want.

I love blowing their minds with truth…

and empowering their hearts with the knowledge that


I love being a coach.

And I’ll keep doing all of the hard, 

So that I can keep creating all of the good.

It all begins with my thoughts. 

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