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Status Update: In a Relationship (With Dr. Pepper)

Once upon a time, Dr. Pepper and I were in a relationship.


We had a good thing going.


Anytime I needed a pick-me-up, Dr. Pepper was there.


When I was tired, sad, frustrated or mad, I could grab Dr. Pepper, and I would instantly feel better.


If it was time to celebrate-I did it with Dr. Pepper.


Dr. Pepper was my reward for a hard day’s work.


And also my escape from a long night, or any uncomfortable feelings.


But things eventually went south.


I realized Dr. Pepper wasn’t really there for me.


I knew I needed to make space for other things.


Getting so much of my joy, relief, and comfort from an outside source, wasn’t healthy.


And it wasn’t really working.


I found out what I needed, I already had.


The way to truly feel better, is not outside of me.


It all begins with a thought.

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