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“...I am making big changes to my life that feel GOOD and I haven't eaten a SINGLE CUPCAKE since just a couple of days after we last had a call. It honestly hasn't even crossed my mind—I haven’t had the urge to sit in my car and take a break with ANY food!! Whaaaat?!?!! I've been busy realigning my life and figuring out what works in my body...”
Erica M
“...at a time in my life when I felt out of control, addicted to sugar, stuck, and I hated myself and the way I looked, Natalie gave me the tools I needed to take charge of my mind and body. She has completely changed my life and there is no amount that you could put on what I got from coaching with Natalie.”
Cassie C
“...I loved that she would write down notes from previous weeks and bring it up in later calls. Make the investment in yourself and coach with someone who has been there, who can help you with the real root of the weight issues...”
Carrie M, weight loss client
Carrie M
“...her advice and insight was such a wonderful tool in guiding me on my weight loss journey and helping me examine my habits as a whole. You couldn't ask for a better ally in making a change in your life...”
Dasha C, weight loss client
Dasha C
“...she helped my brain see things it couldn’t before, like weight loss can be fun and exciting, and slip ups don’t have to bring shame and guilt. Things I didn’t think were possible on day 1 were totally possible just a couple of weeks in. I lost weight and gained so much insight...”
Hannah W weight loss client
Hannah W.
“...having it tailored to my needs was a huge game changer for me. Even though the principles are the same for everyone, it is not a one size fits all program, which I needed. I have lost 35 pounds. Just having someone who believed in me means so much...”
Janeal B, weight loss client
Janeal B.
“...I felt that I knew literally everything there is to know on the subject of weight loss. My experience with Natalie was completely different than anything I had tried or read about before. Every session was mind-blowing...”
Jenni F, weight loss client
Jenni F.
“...the best part of this program was having another coach help me understand my belief systems around food. I discovered so much about myself and my thoughts and that discovery has already put me in a more empowered and peaceful place...”
Kristin M, weight loss client
Kristin M.
“...I finally found something that really works! I’ve tried countless diets and get thin quick schemes but this has really changed my life forever. I lost weight and it’s stayed off...”
Penny W weight loss client
Penny W.
“...she has a gift for connecting with her clients, giving the feedback, guidance and encouragement needed to be successful. I would tell someone who is considering coaching with Natalie that they won’t regret it!”
Summer G, weight loss client
Summer G.
“...I would highly recommend Natalie as a coach! I had tried different weight loss programs without success, but having someone coach me was wonderful. She offered so many tools for success and was always there offering support all along the way...”
Rachell S, weight loss client
Rachelle S.
“...if you are considering working with Natalie I would say - STOP CONSIDERING!! DO IT! Be all in and get on to the wonderful life on the other side of doing the hard work!! You won't regret it. I am glad I did! Thanks for everything Natalie!”
Rebecca G, weight loss client
Rebecca G.
“...my life was crazy during the time that I started this program, but I’m so glad that I did it despite everything else that was piling up. It really helped me to be able to talk to Natalie about my challenges. I felt like she didn’t just help me with my weight loss, she also helped me to find strength and peace within myself...”
Nica B
“...You will not find another weight loss coach with better understanding of human behavior and ability to hold space for her clients. Natalie is a rare combination of Cheerleading- coach who really wants you to succeed, and no nonsense coach who will push you to take a good look at your mind and take accountability for your actions. It’s a winning combination and it produces dramatic results!”
Allie H.
“...I lost 40 pounds! And I was able to do that because of the tools in the program. Learning all the steps of the process and learning how to manage my mind has been invaluable. I still have work to do but know I have the tools to be successful. I also think keeping the daily journal was key to paying attention to my brain. ”
Jen. A
“...she's very very inclusive, encouraging, and supportive. I strongly believe Natalie's approach to weightless is 100% the best. Her focus on mindset is what every weightless program you've tried before was missing. There is a ton of great content and coaching in this program, and Natalie is a very supportive and encouraging guide. ”
Mira M.

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