The Jenga Tower of Life - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

The Jenga Tower of Life

Does your life ever feel like a Jenga tower?


Like it is precariously balanced and one wrong move and it will all come tumbling down?


This is something I hear all of the time from my clients.


That feeling of uncertainty, instability, inadequacy… Comes from our lack of BELIEF in ourselves.


For most of my clients, the bottom level that the whole tower is balancing on, made up of that one tiny piece…


Represents the amount of belief they have that they can succeed at weight loss.


Their foundation of belief has been chipped away by so many failed attempts in the past.


They think “I haven’t been successful before, so I don’t know if it’s possible”


We think that we can somehow grab a guarantee from the unknown future to give us evidence of success and help us to believe now.


But that’s impossible.


The future isn’t written yet.


That’s up to you.


We have to shore up our belief NOW,


Believe that we can and will NOW,


IN ORDER to create success.


The foundation of that success is built on belief.


All lasting change, all of humanity’s greatest innovations, all progress


Starts not with evidence, but with BELIEF.

And that belief begins with a thought.

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