The Power Of Serving Yourself - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

The Power Of Serving Yourself

I want to talk about how many delightful surprises you could create for yourself if you start thinking about how to hook your future self up.

My definition of this is about making choices and taking actions now that will benefit you in the future. This could be years in the future, weeks in the future, even moments in the future. 

This may be something you already do for your future self in some areas of your life.

Maybe you put money away every month for retirement or a vacation. Perhaps you do the laundry, so you have clean clothes to wear. Maybe you always get gas in your car when you’re at a quarter of a tank, so you aren’t ever stuck running to the gas station when you’re running behind one morning.

Maybe you pick up an extra bottle of shampoo when you’re at the store, so you have a backup. Maybe you keep your caffeine consumption relegated to the morning, so you know you’ll be able to get to sleep at night. Maybe you delegate parts of a project at work, so you don’t have to work over the weekend.

I could list a million different ways that past you has hooked up current you, or that current you is hooking up future you.

Just take a minute and think about some examples of this in your life outside of food, weight, or health. 

How did past you hook up current you? 

How is current you hooking up future you? 


More than planning ahead

We usually use different words to describe it, planning ahead, thinking ahead, preparing for the future –all noble and useful pursuits. But to me, hooking my future self up feels way more fun and selfless.

It ignites a spark of love, fun, generosity, and consideration that planning ahead or preparing for the future just doesn’t for me. And the more fun and selfless it feels, the more like I am to do it. 

I love helping people out. I love giving them something for their benefit. I delight in it. I find joy in it. Doing that for myself is a little more infrequent. I mean, I do things like brush and floss, which are technically hooking my future self up with no cavities, right? 

But what I want to focus on here for our purposes are really the things that we can do that are harder in the moment — that require a little bit of sacrifice, a little bit of intentionality, a little bit of love. 


Intentional preparation 

I picked some specific ways to focus on here, but that means, of course, that this is not a comprehensive list. So, be thinking of how you could expand this list in your own life in ways that would serve you best.

One of the small ways that we can hook our future selves up is by making decisions ahead of time so that when the moment comes, you don’t have to think about what to do. It’s already done. 


Meal Planning

You could hook your future self of tomorrow up by planning lunch for tomorrow and packing it the night before so that it’s ready to go. 

How awesome would it be to wake up to the delightful treat that packing your lunch is off your plate? You don’t have to come up with a lunch plan amid the morning chaos. 

It requires something from you the night before or even maybe on your weekly grocery run. But it’s a small gift you can give yourself to reduce the decision fatigue of the day. The lunch decisions have already been made.

Anytime we are intentional about preparing and deciding before the challenging moment is upon us, we are hooking our future selves up and doing what we can to make her life easier and simpler and her success inevitable. 


Planning rest

You can hook your future self of next weekend up by planning in some intentional rest or relaxation or fun during your week.

This is something that we often neglect. Thinking we will just grind our way to the weekend. That there’s no time for rest, relaxation, or fun. 

Then we are shocked and disappointed on Sunday night as we recognize that we spent all weekend trying to pack in rest, relaxation, and fun using food, alcohol, and Netflix. And we just disregarded our body and our health goals in the process.

Listen, I am all for a pajama-only weekend, where we soak in all the rest and relaxation that we want. But there is something different about doing that with intention and care and an eye on our goals vs. the desperate disconnection that it usually comes from. 

Look at your week and weekend as a whole experience, with one informing and supporting the other. How could you hook your weekend self up by planning in some time to recharge, be still, move, laugh, walk, sit, whatever is restful, relaxing, and fun for you during the week.


Inner work

Hook your future self of 2022 up with some dedication to more than just focus on food and the scale. Making your inner world a priority now will give her the gift of understanding and empowerment that will enhance the process of losing weight or improving her physical health and make it a more lasting one.

Go back and listen to the podcast on food rules which is episode 18. Sit down and do the work I recommend there to start to understand and unpack all of the rules and judgments and absolutes that you have picked up along the way that are making your food life feel so complicated and out of control. 

Listen to episode 39 about changing the conversation and do the work to become aware of how you view and talk about yourself and how it’s impacting you.

Listen to and absorb all of the amazingness of your miracle body in episode 91 and do the exercises to generate gratitude and love for your body.

I think this is the most incredible way to hook your future self up because the compounding impacts that happen when we shift the focus from the outside to the inside of our bodies will be felt full force by her in the future and will be the thing that allows her to make the changes she wants with love and ease. 


Serve yourself

Look at your life and ask how can I hook my future self up?

Let yourself be guided by creativity and fun for all the ways you can love, serve, and take care of her by what you do and how you show up right now. 

If you want to learn more about my mindset-centered approach to weight loss, start with my free PDF, Freedom From Food Rules. You’ll learn why you don’t need to follow any food rules to lose weight—and how to use the Next 24 Hours Method instead.

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