Then and Now… - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

Then and Now…

Everyone loves a good before and after transformation story.


I especially do.


I love hearing about someone’s journey through something.


It gives me hope for what is possible for a human on this planet.


It motivates me to push myself to new heights.


But that is now.


I didn’t used to feel this way.


Before and after stories made me depressed.


And left me hopeless.


That’s because I never thought I would have one.


But I desperately wanted one.


I just didn’t believe transformation was possible for me.


However, I only ever cared about and considered body transformation.


It only mattered if someone went from fat to skinny.


Because I thought that skinny was happy.  


I was 50 pounds overweight, had tried everything to lose it, and had resigned myself to the fact that I would always be a “big girl” and
could never be truly and completely happy because of it.


I lived a lovely life…adoring husband, fantastic kids, a home filled with love.


And yet that pure, unfettered happiness eluded me.


And then one day, a friend recommended a podcast to me.


I listened (to my first podcast episode ever)…and I heard a magical truth that caused a lightbulb to click on in my brain.
It changed everything.


Our thoughts create our feelings.


Our feelings drive our actions.


Our actions create our results.


And guess what?!


We are in charge of our thoughts.


Which means…


We have the power to create the experience of our lives.


It’s not being skinny that creates the happy.


It’s my brain that does that.


So instead of trying to hate myself skinny…


I tried loving myself.


No matter my size.


It wasn’t easy, or simple, or quick.


But it worked.


I sit here today,


The very best, healthiest, strongest, happiest, and yes, even skinniest I’ve ever been.


The road was mostly uphill and full of potholes…


But the view from here is breathtaking.


And I can’t wait to keep climbing!!!


The journey to the best version of me is ongoing, and the possibilities are endless.


The best part is…


It all begins with a thought!

I’m ready for my before and after story to begin!


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