This IS the "Good Old Days"! - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

This IS the “Good Old Days”!

Right now, this very moment…


This is the future “Good Old Days”.


So why don’t we notice until they’re gone?


When we’re poor students buried in debt, we can’t wait to be done with school and make real money.


Then we graduate and get jobs and long for the carefree college days.


We look around at our first tiny apartment and can’t wait til we can afford more space.  


Then we buy a house, fill it with stuff, and think wistfully about the simplicity of our smaller space where we could only fit the necessities.


We have a collicky baby and CANNOT wait for them to grow up and stop crying.


And then they grow into teenagers and spend all of their time with their friends and we wish they were that crying baby that we got to hold, cuddle, and comfort.


We complain about the heat in the summer, and then ‘escape’ to the beach in the winter.


We pray for rain, and curse the storm for disrupting our plans.


We can’t wait to go on vacation, and then we can’t wait to come home.


Why do we live looking in the rearview mirror?


There is so much to see right where we are.


Andy Bernard from The Office wished there was a way to know you’re in the good old days, before you’ve left them.


Good news, there is!!


The past and the future only exist in our imaginations.


The only thing that is real, is now.


So open your eyes, and look around.


Seeing what is right now, feeling gratitude for it, appreciating it…


It all begins with a thought.

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