We're Going To Starve Out Here!! - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

We’re Going To Starve Out Here!!

The movie “Adrift” really got my wheels turning:)


What happens when you’re adrift on a broken sailboat in the Pacific, running out of food…


And you’re a vegetarian.


You can die of starvation


Or you can eat fish.


At that point, when survival is on the line…


Food just becomes food.


There’s no counting calories.


Or sending it back because it wasn’t seasoned to our liking.


There is no overeating the rations because we’re depressed.


Or bingeing because we’re feeling deprived.


When we’re trying to survive adrift in the Pacific…


Food is fuel.


Food, by nature, doesn’t necessarily change in that scenario…


It doesn’t become boring, or less appealing somehow.


The reason we don’t overeat in this scenario…


Is because our THOUGHTS about the food have changed.


This is the secret sauce to losing weight and keeping it off.


Our thoughts about food have to change.


Food isn’t true comfort or reward.


Food can’t fix a problem or make us feel better.
Food doesn’t show someone (or ourselves) love.


Food has one function.


It is fuel.


Now that isn’t to say that food can’t taste delicious…


Or that we can’t enjoy it.


But when we assign it an impossible responsibility,


Like making us happy,


Or relieving our stress…


We create a constantly disappointing and dysfunctional relationship.


Our expectations can never be met.


And we get stuck in a spin cycle of guilt, and drama, and overeating.


The good news is that, even though most of us are not adrift on a boat in the Pacific…


We can still change our thoughts about, and relationship with, food.


We can change our view to: food is fuel.


We can in turn, lose weight and keep it off.


I know this is possible.


I’ve done it.


I’ve helped my clients to do it.


It all begins with a thought!!


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