What To Do, What To Do?? - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

What To Do, What To Do??

We make thousands of decisions every day.


Decisions that don’t seem significant-


like what time to wake up and what to wear.


Decisions that could be significant-


Like whether or not to wear a seatbelt.


And decisions that we know are significant-


Like who to marry, or what career we choose.


We take time to think about which decision to make.


We lose sleep over decisions we need to make.


We don’t want to make rash decisions.


Because we don’t want to have any doubt,


Or regret.


Some people can never seem to make a decision, because they are so afraid of making the wrong one.


Some people make decisions, and then question their decisions for years.


Well, what if I told you…there are NO WRONG DECISIONS?


A decision is completely neutral, until you have a thought about it.


Your THOUGHTS about a decision, are what make it right or wrong.


Thinking you made the wrong decision, creates feelings of regret, remorse, guilt, and shame.


None of these emotions propel you into positive action and growth.


Typically, instead, they cause you to fear making more “wrong” decisions and you stall and indulge in confusion and indecision-taking no action.


Sometimes when we’re in this space of confusion, indecision, and lack of action, we can ask some questions, to get our brain into a place to make the decision and move forward.


What if everything happens exactly as it was meant to happen?


What if all of our decisions make the path of our lives?


What if failure was no big deal?


What if you were either winning or learning?


What if both things turn out amazing?


What’s the best and worst case scenario?


What would my future self do?


What moves you toward who you want to be?


What would love do?


Making decisions moves us forward toward growth and learning.


Making decisions saves time.


And in the end, as my mentor Brooke Castillo so beautifully put it:


The worst-case scenario, is missing out on the best-case scenario.


So make a decision.


Honor your decision.


It all begins with a thought!

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