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Whether or not you like my blog is none of my business.

I write this blog.

I publish it for anyone to read.

Sometimes it’s informational.

A lot of the time it’s personal.

Some people may think my blog is lame.

Or annoying.

Or has too many lines and spaces or not enough information.

Some people may think it is perfect.

It has just the right amount of good stuff, and leaves out all the unnecessary stuff.

They love the food for thought they find here.

Either way, their opinions don’t dictate how I feel about my blog.

And no matter what I write, or how I write it…

No matter how long or short or succinct or poetic or serious or funny or wise or silly it is-

Somebody will love it.

And somebody else won’t.

If I try to satisfy some people by doing what I think they’ll like, there will inevitably be someone else who is left unsatisfied.

And ultimately, however they feel about it is up to them and their thoughts.

I’m not in control of that.

Trying to please everyone is an impossible task.

I only have stewardship over my own thoughts and feelings.

And that is really good news.

Because I’m the best person for the job.

So you can like it or hate it,

But I’m still going to write it and love it…
It all begins with my thoughts!

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