Who Is The CEO of Your Life? - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

Who Is The CEO of Your Life?

The CEO is in charge of decisions and operations.


The CEO is the ultimate authority.


The CEO commands respect.


The CEO has high expectations.


The CEO always puts the greater good above self-interest.


My life has had a series of CEO’s.


My children, other people’s opinions, body image issues, money-all of these things have had a controlling interest and called the shots at one point or another.


None were successful.


My life ended up over-full of commitments, to-do lists, and  things, and empty of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.


And then I chose to embrace what I had been denying-that no one is better-qualified, better-suited, better-equipped to handle the job, than me.


And so I (reluctantly) took over.


I started saying ‘no’ to things that weren’t in line with my life’s mission statement.


I started saying ‘yes’ to more challenges that would push my life to the next level.


I started scheduling and showing up to meetings with myself-whether it was to exercise, complete tasks, manage my mind, or have some down time.


Even when I didn’t want to.


Even when it was hard.


I started acting like the CEO of my life, and treating myself like the CEO of my life…and an amazing thing happened.


I BECAME the CEO of my life.


And I built respect, trust, and confidence in myself and my capacity to take care of me.


It has been life-changing.


And it all began with a thought!

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