Why Can't I Be A Morning Person? - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

Why Can’t I Be A Morning Person?

We have this idea that we came to this life already programmed.


We tell people:
“I’m an introvert”, “I’m an extrovert”, “I have no filter”, “I’m a perfectionist”, “I’m an optimist.”


“It’s just who I am”, we say. “I was born this way.”


But how much of who we are is actually written into our DNA and how much of it is the story we are telling ourselves about ourselves?


The story written, constructed, and edited...by us.


The story that is giving us the evidence of what we are capable of or what we are limited by.


I used to always proclaim that I was NOT a morning person. “I wish I was!!” I would say. “I would get so much done!”


The story I told myself was that I was a night owl.
I was just more productive and had more energy in the evening.
So I stayed up late and woke up tired.
No wonder I wasn’t a morning person…


I recently decided to test my theory about myself.
What if I started acting like a morning person?
What if I went to bed early and got up early like morning people do?


I made a commitment to get up at 5:30 and go to the 6am workout class every Tuesday instead of my usual 8:15.


When my alarm goes off at 5:30, my brain freaks out.
It’s like, “Definitely push snooze.”
But I remind myself of this-
I’ve never regretted getting up when the alarm goes off, but I always regret pushing snooze.
And so I get up, get dressed, and go workout.
And I am alive to tell the tale.
Not just alive, but getting more done than ever!!


If we want to change our story, it’s up to us.


We are the authors of our lives.


We get to decide who we’re going to be.


It all begins with a thought!

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