Why I Think Political Correctness is Not Actually Correct - It Begins With A Thought Coaching

Why I Think Political Correctness is Not Actually Correct

We have all bought in to an idea.


It’s totally incorrect.


It’s the idea that we can hurt someone’s feelings.


We can’t hurt someone’s feelings any more than we can make someone fall in love with us.


We can’t do either of those things because what makes anyone feel anything, is their own thoughts.


You think thoughts that create your feelings and I think thoughts that create mine.


This is why people are offended when none is intended…they think a thought about what someone says that causes them to feel hurt, bad, diminished, or insulted even though the
person saying it meant none of those things.


Herein lies the problem.


Everyone wants everyone else to say or not say certain things, and use or not use certain labels in order for them to feel or not feel a certain way.


But that’s not how it works.


You get to feel however you choose to feel, no matter what anyone else says or does.


You create your own “safe space”.


If we continue to delegate the power over our emotions to everyone else, we will never feel safe.


So be kind, spread goodness and positivity, be quick to love and slow to judge, embrace differences.


But not so you won’t offend someone.


Because it just feels better.


And you get to choose how you want to feel.


It all begins with a thought.


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